I had a few months worth of lessons a little over a year ago and I thoroughly enjoyed it. So much so, I'll be paying for a course again as I had to stop due to work commitments. The techniques Rosemarie uses are professional, concise, clear and enjoyable. I learnt not only Italian language, but a a lot about the culture as well.

The lessons offer a different learning style that promotes motivation and gives a great deal of satisfaction. With in house and accredited certificates being offered, you become very proud of your achievements and look forward to each lesson.

Would 100% recommend.

A. Albert, Grantham


Rosemarie teaches both my children French and my Daughter Italian. Their progress is amazing and they really enjoy their lessons. Rosemarie is a very good teacher, she is patient and creates a relaxed, warm and friendly environment for them. I would highly recommend.

Emma Bates, Grantham



Rose was a fantastic teacher, we felt comfortable during the lessons as she was easy to approach if we didn't understand something, with that she was patient , the inavanti technique helped us learn the language, thank you Rose.
Mr & Mrs Dean, Boston
When I had Italian lessons from Rose, she was very -patient, and very approachable. The lessons were easy to follow, and I looked forward to them.
Emma Cutts, Lincolnshire
Thank you for my lesson on Wednesday I really enjoyed it! I'm excited to learn more.
Also Thanks for your feedback I was a bit nervous and I didn't want to pronounce the words wrong and sound funny. Can't wait for my next lesson.

Harriet, G., Lincolnshire


I have recently taken a course in Italian with Rosemarie. It was very enjoyable, and Rosemarie is an excellent teacher, making it fun whilst learning. I would highly recommend Rosemarie to anyone wishing to learn a new language.

Jackie Gardiner, Lincolnshire