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About inavanti Learning Solutions

inavanti Learning Solutions, is a small local business based in *Grantham, Lincolnshire. Specialising in teaching beginner languages to people of all ages,

using an innovative and strategic learning style.

inavanti offers a language learning experience with a difference. Taking the immersion technique of language learning in a new direction which effectively, and ultimately enables the learner, to gain a more rounded and rewarding knowledge of the language and culture of their choice.

The result is that the *inavanti 3 step approach, prepares the learner for the next stage in their language learning journey.


Convenient and affordable Foreign Language tuition is available for children, teens, adults, companies, after school and community clubs.

What will you discover?

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inavanti, Learning solutions

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Those who know nothing of foreign languages, know nothing of their own.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 



Group courses

and private

one-to-one tuition available

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